Merkur Construction Kits for Children of all Ages

March 26th, 2013

There is a great new toy for children of all ages now available on Shopping Village. Called Merkur it resembles the old Meccano sets which sadly are no longer made in their original format and can only be bought as collectors items.

Originating in the same era Merkur models are built from a set of metal parts, nuts and bolts, wheels and so on. A screwdriver and spanner are supplied with each kit! Shopping Village are now offering a selection of the Merkur construction kits. The choice of different models includes a motorcycle, a buggy car and a racing car, a spaceship, a windmill and railway trains.

Oh, and there are airplanes, trucks and helicopters to choose from as well!

Checkout the Merkur Construction Kits on Shopping Village now!.

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